We leverage our extensive LTL carrier network to provide customers best in class service and the lowest possible freight rates.

LTL Carrier

At, we help you find the LTL carrier to meet your specific shipping needs.  Some LTL freight companies only operate intrastate while others are licensed with interstate operating authority.  Some large carriers handle local and cross country deliveries.

With our network, the exact LTL shipping company you need is only an email away.ltl carrier

When to choose an LTL Carrier?

When you have a small load of six pallets or less to ship, you need an LTL carrier.  LTL or less-than-truckload offers a cost-effective way to ship small volumes of freight without paying for a  full truckload.

Often the carriers you choose depend on the location of your customers.  A wide range of customers locations can require finding multiple carriers.  This requires a significant time investment to find, manage, and track your freight.

We eliminate this.

 Low Freight Rates and Great Customer Service

Our customer service professionals are experienced industry experts ready to assist you with all your shipping needs.  We deliver fast freight quotes.  We’ve made the process so simple, you can call or complete our online form to get started.

But our service goes beyond quoting and booking.  Our trained personnel can help you plan a single shipment, multiple shipments, or even a full supply chain from beginning to end.

Whether it’s one shipment of one pallet or a year’s worth of freight, we work with you to reduce ship time, simplify freight management, and provide the lowest freight and shipping rates in the industry.

We Put Service First

LTL freight is a highly competitive business.  Choosing the right carrier involves more than great low shipping rates.  You also need quality customer service.   It’s the difference between a seamless shipping experience and a low price and headaches.

Classifications and LTL Rates

All LTL shipments are given a classification depending on what’s being shipped.  This classification determines the price of your shipment.  The National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) is the industry standard for classifying the individual products and commodities that are shipped from point to point.

Class and weight and sometimes dimensions affect your LTL rates.  Generally, heavy and less fragile cargo receive a low class rating while light and more fragile items have a higher class.  This means you would pay 2x more for a 1,000 lb shipment of class 100 items than you would for 1,000 lbs of a class 50 item.

How to Save Time and Money with LTL Freight

Why call many companies when you can get those answers with one phone call?  At LTL Carrier, we deliver  you the options and services you need at the most competitive rates in the industry.

Call us now.  Or fill in the form above and one of our LTL logistics professionals will contact you shortly.

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