What is a LTL carrier?

ltl carrierAn LTL carrier is a trucking company that transports a number of small loads on a single truck. The freight is called LTL because it is less than a truckload. Generally companies that manufacture or transport finished goods from point to point rely on a number of different carriers to handle their freight. Some companies ship truckloads at a time and others may only ship 5 thousand pounds on a few pallets. The LTL carrier specializes in transporting the smaller shipments across town, across state or across country ltl freight companies.

Our company can help you find the perfect LTL carrier to meet your needs. Some LTL carriers operate only intrastate while others have interstate  operating authority. There are a few large companies that handle everything from local moves to cross country deliveries. We  can help you select the right carrier for your individual situation.

We offer the highest customer service in the business with a staff of helpful men and women ready to assist you with all of your shipping needs. Our trained personnel will help you plan and follow your move from beginning to end. We do our best to arrange for an LTL carrier that operates most efficiently and will help reduce overall transit time.

The LTL carrier business is a highly competitive business. Choosing the right LTL carrier can make the difference not only in the price you pay, but also the quality of service you receive. We can easily provide you with several different LTL carrier options for your next shipment so you can have a choice of truck lines for your next shipment.

 National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC)

LTL carrier shipping

All LTL shipments are given a classification depending on what is being shipped. The National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) is the industry standard for classifying the individual products and commodities that are shipped from point to point. Shipments are priced according to the class rating as well as their weight and in some cases, their dimensions. Generally speaking, heavier, less fragile items are assigned a low class rating and light and fragile items are given a higher class rating. All other things being equal, you will pay about twice as much for a 1,000 pound shipment of a class 100 item as you would for 1,000 pounds of a class 50 item.

The next time you are looking to ship your less than truckload freight, we would sincerely appreciate it if you would give us a call and let us work for you. We promise the best rates and the best service. Not only will you pay a very fair price, you also will have our guarantee of fast and efficient LTL carrier service.

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