Refrigerated LTL

A Logistical Solution Fit for the 21st Century

LTL transportation is a crucial link between companies and their customers. And while this popular form of shipping has become associated with single-axle bobtail trucks and 28-foot van trailers, LTL carriers use a far wider base of equipment to complete their jobs. The beauty of LTL shipping is its customizability. Since LTL companies specialize in delivering to customers small and large, they are well prepared to squeeze their trucks into the smallest loading dock, or drop off a half-loaded pallet at a suburban residence. But until recent years, LTL transportation has lacked a major component, a service that could ensure increased business for LTL carriers for years to come.refrigerated ltl

What we are describing is refrigerated LTL transportation. Most LTL carriers simply do not have the equipment to transport a multi-part load composed of items needing to be kept at widely different temperatures. The only such group of truckload carriers offering such a service are expedited transportation companies, which are known for their attention to detail, specialized care of high-value loads, and high service costs. But you need a better solution: one that offers you refrigerated LTL transportation without the cost of expedited freight services.

Today, this solution is available, via the means of a chilled pallet refrigeration system. Simply put, this system allows you to store your goods in their own temperature-controlled enclosure, which when sealed is nearly impervious to outside conditions. Even more importantly, these chilled pallets are completely self-contained and can be set to the specific temperature you want, without you ever having to worry about the problems associated with refrigerated FTL shipping such as the breakdown of the reefer unit itself.

So how can frozen LTL or temperature controlled LTL benefit your company? Well, if you are a small-scale meat distributer selling high-quality organic meats, but in quantities not large enough to fill an entire trailer, frozen LTL can reduce your shipping costs and the chance of products spoiling in route. If you operate a bakery or ice cream shop, and would like to expand your customer base to those living hundreds of miles from you, reefer LTL is also the way to go. And if you are tired of your dry ice evaporating before your product reaches its destination, reefer LTL shipping via chilled pallets is the solution for you.

The greatest benefit of refrigerated LTL service is that it allows you to take advantage of the effectiveness of LTL carriers. The hub and spoke system used by many of these carriers has revolutionized the trucking industry and improved efficiency in goods transfer by leaps and bounds. Put the power of frozen LTL shipping behind your firm, and watch your firm’s successes grow one pallet at a time. Send us an email or give a call next time you have a less than truckload refrigerated need.